Feedback for Online Wellbeing Session

delivered via Zoom May 2020

Confetti/Nottingham Trent University

Bob & Rachel have delivered a number of ‘wellbeing’ workshops for the college now on Mindfulness, mind-set & resilience. They’ve delivered workshops onsite and remotely and on all occasions  both staff and students have come away with a greater understanding of self and practical guidance.  Bob & Rachel also provided follow up access to online resources after the event which has been invaluable to refer to – Thank you both! - Will Jennison - Personal & Professional Development Course Leader - Confetti ICT (Nottingham)

Student feedback Score – 5 out 5:
“I found this meeting very useful. I have always struggled a lot with believing in myself and low self-esteem. I think the advice of telling myself "I am" rather than "I want to be" will be very helpful in boosting my self-image and help me achieve want I want to achieve. Thank you!”

“I found this meeting very useful. I have always struggled a lot with believing in myself and low self-esteem. I think the advice of telling myself "I am" rather than "I want to be" will be very helpful in boosting my self-image and help me achieve want I want to achieve. Thank you!”

“I understand about change because as an autistic person, I have been upset many times throughout my life. Thanks to the workshop, it made an outlook on life accepting change as a whole.”

“I thought it was really useful, it was good to learn about the different mindfulness techniques”

“I study and practice a lot of these techniques anyway. I love that your goal is to get it into the school system. These things should be taught as a matter of course. Thanks for getting it out there.”

“I found it very useful and was useful how they explained everything they taught. Having practical examples that were quick and easy to follow and can be used by anyone was really good. Obviously if more time was available i would have enjoyed trying to do the meditating but time was against them”

“Helped me better understand how positive thinking can have an overall impact on your life”

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The Songwriting Academy


Feedback from online Bootcamp Webinars May 2020 and from previous Keynote Speeches at The International Songwriting Convention

Bob is not only a font of knowledge for all things music business related, he is also a truly inspiring speaker, much loved by The Songwriting Academy students. He combines real life business advice seamlessly with mindfulness and wellbeing, leaving his audiences not only well informed, but confident in themselves, empowered and determined to reach their goals. To affect people in this way is a gift. - Martin Sutton - Owner TSA

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General Customer Feedback

Hi my name is Sarah, growing up I had family problems from being mentally and physically abused, which has been challenging growing up. 


I've tried to help my self in many ways, I then just hit a wall. I had good days and then 10 bad days, I had just started to think this must be how my life is just meant to be...... until I saw an advert to get hypnotherapy. 


I was extremely nervous until I was introduced to Rachel......who instantly put me at ease and has reassured me from day one, I have had problems in my childhood which has caused me to struggle with trust so feeling I can trust Rachel is key to the hypnotherapy sessions.


I feel I can relax and working on who I really am is starting to give me hope for my future ME !! I highly recommend Rachel and wouldn't hesitate starting hypnotherapy. - (name changed at request of client due to sensitive content)

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Having a great mentor is like a finely tuned personal trainer, Google & Alexa all rolled in to one. Bob is all these things but much much better. As some one who has been there and done it, he not only understands the often unpredictable journey, pitfalls and  mind set required on the road to success. He has also guided and work with many talented creatives reach their potential. Even Google and Alexa sometimes get it wrong, or send you somewhere you don’t want to be.  Bob on the other hand, has been spot on each time - Mikey W

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I have found my sessions with Rachel to be really helpful, informative and relaxing. 


Rachel has such a friendly, approachable manner. I have found it is very easy to open up to her about my feelings and the difficulties I have been facing. 


Rachel provided a clear and helpful explanation about how hypnotherapy works and discussed how this and other techniques might be helpful to me. I am already feeling calmer and more capable in dealing with the situations I was finding difficult and by using the techniques Rachel has shown me I am already noticing that I am better able to reduce feelings of anxiety when I am triggered.


Rachel is clearly passionate about helping people and provides a calming and relaxing experience in her sessions, I have no hesitation in recommending her. - Pauline M

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I have now had a number of Hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel that followed some coaching sessions. Rachel has helped me to understand my anxious mind and to be at peace with who I actually am. I now recognise triggers and can control anxious thoughts much more effectively. The Hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to relax significantly and already the benefits are clear to see. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel. I wish I had done this years ago! - Rob J

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I recently had a mentoring session with Bob James and within just one hour I found the session very helpful. Bob is really easy to chat to and really knows his stuff, he asked some important questions to help me grow as an artist and what I need to do next! If you're an independent artist I would definitely get in touch - Claire R

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